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Title: Investigating teachers’ and students’ attitudes towards the effectiveness of written corrective feedback on students’ writing accuracy
Other Titles: the case study of first year LMD students at Larbi Ben M'hidi University, Oum El Bouaghi.
Authors: Rouina, Ikram
Benzitouni, Amina Ouafa
Keywords: Attitude
Writing accuracy
Teachers' written corrective feedback
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Oum-El-Bouaghi
Abstract: Writing is considered as a crucial component of the language learning process. EFL students face some difficulties when developing this skill. These difficulties lead students to make many errors. Therefore, through the use of two questionnaires, the ultimate goal of this study was to investigate both teachers' and students' attitudes towards the effectiveness of teachers' written corrective feedback in enhancing EFL students' writing accuracy. So, we hypothesized that both EFL teachers and students would believe that teachers' feedback has a significant role in improving students' writing accuracy. The first questionnaire was administered to ten teachers of written expression at the department of English, University of Oum el Bouaghi. The second questionnaire was delivered to fifty three (53) first-year LMD students at the same department. The results of the teachers' questionnaire showed that the majority of teachers find their written corrective feedback very helpful in the EFL writing classrooms. They said that this feedback is useful because it helps students to enhance their writing since it's available to be rechecked anytime, and because it motivates students to work more. The findings of the students' questionnaire also revealed that the majority of the students liked receiving teachers' feedback, and found it useful in improving their writing. Briefly, the results indicated that teachers and students have positive attitudes towards teachers' written corrective feedback.
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