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Title: Investigating the effect of using culture capsules on enhancing EFL students’ intercultural awareness
Other Titles: the case of first year EFL students at Larbi Ben M’hidi University, Oum El Bouaghi
Authors: Abbad, Manel Oumnia
Chibani, Imene
Guerfi, Soraya
Keywords: Teaching target language
Intercultural awareness
Culture capsule
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Oum-El-Bouaghi
Abstract: The process of learning English as a foreign language has come to be rigidly entrenched and mightily established with the concept of culture. In the light of this, it is presupposed that teaching a target language and its culture are indivisible. Thence, it became significant to own an intercultural awareness, within which the learner grasps not only his own culture but also the foreign one. On this line of thought, the present study strives to shed light on the impact of using the culture capsules technique on enhancing EFL learners' intercultural awareness. In doing so, the research has opted for the use of a mixed method. Namely, a cultural quiz as a test for 48 EFL students at Larbi Ben M'hidi University, and a questionnaire handed out online for 15 English teachers. As a matter of fact, the presented content of both test and questionnaire was merely about culture and cultural differences that exist between American, British and Algerian cultures. Eventually, the analysis of findings revealed that using culture capsules helps learners to be more aware about their culture as well foreign one(s). Regarding to these findings, the study provides some implications and suggestions despite the presence of some limitations.
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