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Title: The Effect of using dual subtitled english video clips on improving EFL students’ vocabulary
Other Titles: the case of english first year LMD students at Larbi Ben M’hidi University Oum El Bouaghi
Authors: Ziadi, Romaissa
Guerfi, Soraya
Keywords: Vocabulary
Video clip
Dual subtitled english
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: University Of Oum El Bouaghi
Abstract: Inevitably, vocabulary represents a pivotal element of language. For that reason, several researchers' pursuit is to find the expedient tool that smooths its learning. In essence, this current investigation is an attempt for highlighting the effect of using dual subtitled English video clips in boosting the EFL students' vocabulary and seeking the teachers' attitudes towards this technique. For these aims, two methodological tools, an experimental method and a teachers' questionnaire, were used. As the target population for the experimental study 38 first year LMD students at Larbi Ben M'hidi University of the academic year 2018- 2019 were selected. Randomly, the sample was picked presenting 19 students in each group, the experimental and the control groups; and oral expression teachers were selected as a sample of the questionnaire. The experimental group underwent a succession of sessions as a treatment that occurred between the pre-test and the post-test. It included three dual subtitled English video clips with the experimental group and the same but non-subtitled English video clips with the control group. Subsequently, the teachers' questionnaire is considered as a support of the main used method (the experiment) involving a set of questions detecting the teachers' views about using the dual subtitled English video clips. The obtained results revealed that there was an indisputable progress of the experimental results in the post-test. Thus, the alternative hypothesis, which stated that the learners who watch English video clips with dual subtitles would show a significant improvement in their vocabulary than those who watch English video clips without any subtitles, is confirmed. The teachers' questionnaire reported that they have negative attitudes towards using dual subtitled English video clips as a teaching vocabulary technique, but they showed positive attitudes towards using purely English video clips.
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