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dc.contributor.authorChaib ainou, Khokha-
dc.contributor.authorAzeroual, Djihed-
dc.description.abstractThis research is concerned with Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). As a part of master degree dissertation, the present study aims at identifying the needs of second -year students of Management Science at L'Arbi Ben M'hidi University,Oum El Bouaghi (OEB) in learning English with the intention to improve the teaching/learning of English for Specific Purposes at this department, and by extension the other departments all over Algeria through proposing a lesson model for the targeted sample. For this purpose, a needs analysis was carried out to determine the students' needs using a questionnaire administered to the research sample. The data obtained were analysed in terms of frequencies and percentages. The analysis of data has revealed that second-year management sciences students need to be proficient in the four primary skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing with neat attention given for listening skill in order to study or to get job in the future. Based on the findings of this research, this study indicates that an ESP course, which takes into consideration the students' needs, should be developed at the Management Sciences (MS) department at OEB University. Consequently, some proposals were suggested to help in designing suitable ESP courses that fulfil the learners' needs. Finally, a lesson model is suggested as an
dc.publisherUniversity Of Oum El Bouaghiar
dc.subjectNeeds analysar
dc.subjectTarget situation analysar
dc.subjectCourse designar
dc.titleInvestigating learners’ needs toward designing an english for specific purposes lesson modelar
dc.title.alternativethe case of second year management science students at Oum El Bouaghi Universityar
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