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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Investigating EFL students’ attitudes towards the effect of context clues on vocabulary leaningHamdoudi, Mohamed Amine; Zaidi, Khadidja
2017Teachers’ and students’ attitudes towards the use of short stories in developing EFL learners’vocabularyTouali, Amira; Zerrouki, Souaad
2017Investigating EFL teachers’ and students’ attitudes towards the role of monolingual dictionaries in the learning of vocabularyBoutaleb, Maroua; Azeroual, Djihed
2019The Effect of using dual subtitled english video clips on improving EFL students’ vocabularyZiadi, Romaissa; Guerfi, Soraya
2020Investigating Teachers’ and Students’Attitudes towards the effect of semantic mapping technique on enhancing students’vocabulary retentionBouafia, Lamia; Guerfi, Soraya
2020Investigating teachers’ attitudes towards the use of jgsaw puzzle cooperative technique to enhance learners’ vocabularyMenasri, Safia; Mazouz, Khadidja; Maamouri, Hanane
2020Students attitudes towards the use of video podcasts in enhancing vocabularyBouakkaz, Linda; Halis, Lamia; Khoualdi, Samiha
2020Investigating teachers' and students' attitudes towards the use of euphemism in explaining ELF vocabulary meaningBakha, Soumia; Senoussi, Nadjet
2019AMicro evaluation of the vocabulary and grammatical structures in the first year middle school textbook « My Boook of English »Sellaoui, Romaissa; Hidouci, Hadjer; Adjadj, Djalila
2019Tracing EFL learners’ progress in the writing skill focus on vocabulary and writing mechanicsAraar, Salima; Chaira, Farid