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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The Effectiveness of explicit teaching of idiomatic expressions in improving students' reading comprehensionBenyahia, Sara; Adjadj, Jalila
2013The effectiveness of intensive reading in enhancing learners use of conjunctive cohesion in writingKerrouche, Zeyneb; Bouaziz, Soumia
2016Investigating the effect of reading authentic texts on EFL learner's vocabulary developmentGattal, Maria; Adjadj, Djalila
2020Investigating teachers’ attitudes towards the role of KWL strategy in enhancing EFL learners’ reading comprehensionKadem, Ranya; Bouaziz, Soumia
2020Investigating teachers' attitudes towards the effectiveness of the skimming strategy in reading comprehension in EFL classesFerrah, Rayene; Karouche, Rania; Guendouze, Meryem
2020Investigating teachers’ and students’ attitudes toward the role of the contextual guessing strategy in enhancing students’ reading comprehensionKadem, Halima; Arouf, Samira
2021Investigating the EFL teachers’ and learners’ attitudes towards the role of collaborative strategic reading in reading comprehensionBoumechta, Fatiha; Bachoua, Soria
2021Investigation of students' and teachers' attitude towards the use of bilingual dictionary English-Arabic to enhance reading comprehensionMehalaine, Manel; Lekbir, Soundous; Arrouf, Samira
2022EFL students attitudes towards the implementation of pictorial materials to enhance reading comprehensionHadjou, Ibtissam; Djouima, Leila
2022Investigating teachers’ attitudes towards the effect of L1 use on EFL learners’ reading comprehensionZeguir, Nour el houda; Bechoua, Soraya