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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A corpus based comparative study of the use of interactional metadiscourse markers in master theses general conclusionskaies, soumia; Benzitouni, Amina Ouafa
2019The Effect of think-pair-share teaching strategy on enhancing EFL learners vocabularyAbrane, Lamis; Mebdoua, Khanssa; Hadjeris, Fadhila
2019The Effect of explicit instruction of grammatical cohesive devices on students paragraph qualityBoukra, Ghania; Dafri, Donia; Benzitouni, Amina Ouafa
2019The jewish lobby and US foreign policy in the middle East during Barack Obama’s administration 2009-2016Kallab Debbih, Ferial; Badi, Rima
2019Lexical attrition among EFL learnersAlouit, Zeyneb; Chaira, Farid
2019A Contrastive genre analysis of EFL articles’ abstracts in national and international journalsBenrouag, Ahlem; Chaibainou, Maria; Senoussi, Nadjet
2019The Influence of french lexical borrowing on the quality of english written productions of Algerian EFL students at Larbi Ben M’hidi University Oum El BouaghiZinai, Kenza; Saidi, Rafika; Boudersa, Nassira
2019The Impact of the explicit teaching of lexical and grammatical collocations on EFL students’ writing productionSahbi, Ismahan; Chaib, Khadidja; Khoualdi, Samiha
2019Investigating teachers and students attitudes towards the importance of raising EFL learners self confidence in enhancing their speaking skillKhemmoume, Djohra; Guerfi, Soraya
2019African americans struggling for social justice during the presidency of Franklin Delano RooseveltNemeur, Romaissa; Azoui, Samih