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Title: Investigating the influence of blogging on EFL students’ writing fluency, accuracy and complexity
Other Titles: the case study of first year LMD students of English at Larbi Ben M’hidi university
Authors: Mesili, Yousra
Benzitouni, Amina Ouafa
Keywords: Writing fluency
Writing accuracy
Writing complexity
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Oum El Bouaghi
Abstract: Writing is one of the must-have skills that every EFL student needs to master. However, most of EFL students face many writing difficulties. In today's world, there are lots of new helpful methods in language teaching in general and teaching writing in particular as blogging. This research reports on a quasi-experimental study regarding the effect of blogging on students' writing performance. It examines improvements in writing fluency, accuracy and complexity achieved by using Blog free writes among a group of students, with reliance on a short English Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) program. Forty two 1st year LMD students at Larbi Ben M'hidi University participated in the study. Findings from this study confirmed our hypothesis and revealed the effectiveness of using blog vs. pen-and-paper based writing on improving the participants' writing skills. Accordingly, the study supports the previous research done in the field that blogging has the potential of becoming an effective tool for enhancing writing fluency, accuracy, and complexity.
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