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Title: Women empowerment in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre
Authors: Senoussi, Khouloud
Hafsa, Naima
Keywords: Victorian women
Social-economic empowerment
Class issue
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Oum El Bouaghi
Abstract: Most women in the Victorian age were molded into the frame of dependent domestic creatures. In this paper a new image of empowered Victorian woman is conducted through Charlotte Bronte's selected novel Jane Eyre. The basic aim of this Mémoire is to find the role of social class issues, and Victorian gender prejudices in oppressing women and heading the protagonist Jane to maintain her socio-economic empowerment. To achieve the aforementioned aim, this research employs the Feminist Marxism and Postcolonial approaches to exhibit the patriarchal and gender barriers that most Victorian women had to cross over in order to achieve their selfhood. Ergo, it explores the Victorian Era's social conditions focusing on the Industrial Revolution's impact. Secondly, it examines the patriarchal traits and gender codes which oppressed Victorian women, and brought them into madness just because of their attempts to reach the freedom men had always enjoyed. Finally, it represents the Victorian woman in her struggle to finally reach her autonomy. In this regard, this research is helpful to convey the different ways through which a woman can overcome the oppressive and sexist societal norms. Importantly, it concludes that Victorian females can make themselves heard and influential by participating in social issues and challenging male's authority in the Victorian society.
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