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Title: Investigating EFL teachers’ and students’ attitudes towards the role of monolingual dictionaries in the learning of vocabulary
Other Titles: the case of first year LMD students at Larbi Ben M’hidi University - Oum El Bouaghi
Authors: Boutaleb, Maroua
Azeroual, Djihed
Keywords: Monolingual dictionary
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: university of Oum- El- Bouaghi
Abstract: The present study is intended to investigate the teachers' and students' attitudes towards the use of monolingual dictionaries in the learning of vocabulary. We hypothesized that EFL teachers and students would have positive attitudes towards the role of monolingual dictionary in learning vocabulary. To test our hypothesis, a descriptive study was conducted through designing two questionnaires, one for teachers and the other for students, which were our data gathering tool. The first questionnaire was given to forty first year LMD students of English at Larbi Ben M'Hidi University, Oum El Bouaghi; whereas the second was handled to fifteen teachers of different modules at the English Department within the same university. The analysis of the findings together with the literature review brought light to our topic of investigation and offered a clear picture of teachers' and students' attitudes and beliefs. The results revealed that both teachers and students have positive perceptions towards using monolingual dictionaries in developing the learners' vocabulary.
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