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Title: Developing students' small c cultural awareness through the use of the role play technique
Other Titles: the case of first year ELFstudents' in Souk Ahras University
Authors: Bekhouche, Abderrahim
Merrouche, Sarah
Keywords: Foreign language
Cultural awareness
Teaching : culture
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: university of Oum- El- Bouaghi
Abstract: This research work investigates the use of the Role Play Technique in the EFL classroom and its impact on developing EFL learners' small "c" cultural awareness as far as the target language is concerned. This study opted for a quasi-experimental design to collect the data. The study went through three main phases: the pre-test phase, the treatment period phase, and the post-test phase. The study sample consisted of two groups that were chosen randomly with a total of fifty-eight first year students at Mohammed Sheriff Mesaadia University, Souk Ahras. The experimental group dealt with the target language small 'c' cultural issues through the use of the role play; while, the control group was exposed to the same target language small 'c' cultural content using the traditional lecturing approach. The independent sample t-test and the paired sample t-test were used to analyze data statistically. The results indicate that there are significant differences between the experimental group and the control group in that the former has outscored the latter in the post-test which measured their target language small 'c' cultural awareness.Therefore, the results of the study led to the conclusion that the use of the role play technique effectively develops the target language small 'c' cultural awareness among the EFL students
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