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dc.contributor.authorAbidet, Miyyada-
dc.contributor.authorAaid, Salah-Eddine-
dc.description.abstractThe following research attempts to analyze F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby from a biographical point of view. The objective of this study is to unveil the motives behind writing the novel. It quests the relation between the biography of the writer and the way of shaping the plot of the novel. It investigates the reason behind including life experience in a literary piece. To reach this point, this research will be divided into three chapters. The first chapter covers the social and cultural background of the novel and the biographical method. The second one discusses the correlation between the biographical materials and the development of the plot. The last chapter approaches the effective role of psychological trauma in writing the events of the story. Finally, this biographical reading allows us to know about literature and the hidden desire behind the author's
dc.publisheruniversity of Oum- El- Bouaghiar
dc.subjectBiographical methodar
dc.titleA Biografical Reading of F.Scott fitzgerald's the great gatsbyar
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