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dc.contributor.authorHamel, Nasrine-
dc.contributor.authorDalichaouech, Abderrahmane-
dc.description.abstractPost 7/7 and other terrorist attacks and arrests of suspected terrorists in Britain and across Europe, there has been an exponential increase in islamophobic rhetoric and agendas, including calls to ban the Qur'an monitor or close mosques , deport muslim citizens and halt immigration from muslim countries. The result has been the growth of islamophobia , a widespread suspicion of mainstream muslims and discrimination towards muslims based on their religion or race, that has led to hate crimes and other acts of violence .The war on terror has raised difficult questions and choices for muslims in the western world. In many countries government policies designed to control the muslim community, to "domesticate" islam, have put pressure on Muslims not simply to integrate into a multicultural society but to assimilate by abandoning elements of their muslim belief and culture in order to enjoy full participation in their new country. Changing political and legal environment in western countries threaten and undermine Muslims' acceptance by others, their quality of life, and their security. Many face workplace discrimination, racial and religious profiling, and overzealous security measures. The situation has become especially difficult for the British Pakistanis that face harassment, unwarranted scrutiny, and indictment without prompt adjudication because the bombers of the 7/7 London Bombings were british pakistanis, the fingers were pointed towards british pakistani muslims community who became viewed as terrorists and trouble makers responsible for all bad events in Britain even if they have no hands on them. All the anti-terrorism measures that were enacted helped in the increase of the discrimination, racism and alienation of the british pakistanis muslim community. The muslim community reactions stressed on the need not to allow the transformation of migrants, refugees and religious minorities in european countries to "ram a new scapegoat" and ask for more space in the
dc.publisheruniversity of Oum El Bouaghiar
dc.subjectIslamophobia : terrorism : (Pakistain)ar
dc.title7/7 (seven/seven) London bombings and the rise of islamophobia in Englandar
dc.title.alternativeBritish Pakistanis muslim community as a case studyar
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