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Title: The Arab- American relations on the light of the Arab-Israel conflicts of 1967 and 1973 : Egypt as a case study
Authors: Benbouzid, Hadjar
Dalichaouech, Abderrahmane
Keywords: Foreign relation : (United States) : (arab world)
Conflict : arab-israeli : (1967-1973)
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: university of Oum El Bouaghi
Abstract: Throughout its history, the United States foreign relations with the arab countries had been one of the most subjects and area of interests for many historians and political analysts. In Fact, the middle eastern region was the most highlighted area in the arab World following the second world War since it was the arena of the different historical arab-Israeli Conflicts. This dissertation chooses one key arab nation for specific objectives; Egypt. Moreover, it explores the way whereby these conflicts impacted the pace of relations between the United States and the chosen arab country. Egypt as a moderate country differs, attitudes, stance on the light of the Arab Israeli Conflicts of 1967, 1973.
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