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Title: Investigating teachers' and students' attitudes about the impact of the cultural background knowledge on learning a foreign language
Other Titles: first yaer LMD students at Larbi Ben M'Hidi university
Authors: Azeb, Khelthoum
Bechoua, Soraya
Keywords: Cultural difficulties : teaching foreign lunguage
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: university of Oum-El-Bouaghi
Abstract: Language learning is builtup basically on mastering the four skills; these skills grant us the potential to speak, read, write, and listen. Additionally, a rich repertoire of vocabulary knowledge may make it possible to communicate with others. Yet, communication actually requires a number of social elements and linguistic factors to really take place so as individuals may interact. The study is mainly concerned with the discussion of two main concepts that are closely related; culture and language learning. The study therefore investigates FL teachers and learners' attitudes about the impact of the cultural knowledge on learning a foreign language learning process. A descriptive study has been designed for that purpose and it consists of two questionnaires; one for the teachers and the second one for the students of the english department. Although, the respondents are assertive that no language is taught in isolation, or rather no language is excluded from its cultural context; both are so tightly related and their teaching is a must. The data analysis of the two questionnaires made it clear that although both teachers and students are aware of the integration of the cultural component in the learning process, it is still neglected, not to say ignored, and not taken into consideration in the learning/ teaching process.
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