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Title: Investigating learners' and teachers' attitudes towards the role of third secondry school course book texts"new prospects" in learning english vocabulary
Other Titles: case study: third year students of Ahmed Lakhdar Boukharouba secondry school in Oum-El-Bouaghi
Authors: Titi, khadidja
Adjadj, Djalila
Keywords: Enseignement langue (anglais) : EFL
Vocabulaire : apprentissage : acitivité ludique
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: university of Oum-El-Bouaghi
Abstract: This study seeks to investigate teachers' and learners' attitudes towards the role of third year secondary school course book texts "New prospects in learning english vocabulary ,ie, whether or not these texts are helpful in acquiring new lexical items ,whether or not they suit the learners' levels, interests and meet the teachers' expectations. To this end, two questionnaires are designed and administered. The first one was given to 40 third year secondary school pupils of both literary and foreign languages and scientific stream to identify their attitudes towards the texts and their effect on learning vocabulary. The second questionnaire was distributed to 20 teachers in four secondary schools in Oum-El-Bouaghi, to investigate their views concerning these texts. The results obtained reveal that the course book texts are useful, they help learners acquire new vocabulary items since each text deals with different topic and contains a lot of items. However most pupils have difficulty in understanding these items and prefer to have their explanation after the text . In addition, these texts are beneficial and attractive because they motivate learners .The discussion of the results show that both teachers and learners prefer short texts because they are not time consuming. On the basis of what has been mentioned before, the course book texts are considered helpful in learning english vocabulary since they suit the learners' level, interests and fit the teachers' expectation.
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