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Title: Appropriateness of text selection in EFL classes to improve reading comprehension in secondary school
Authors: Hadjaissa, Selma
Bechoua, Soraya
Keywords: Teaching : english language : text selection
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: university of Oum-El-Bouaghi
Abstract: Teachers of english as a foreign language are in a constant search of what may help their learners improve their reading comprehension. The selection of a text is seen as an important factor which may have positive effects on readers? achievements in terms of strategy of reading and reading comprehension. Thus, teachers should be aware of factors that make a reading text not only interesting but also suitable to their students? level. The study then aims at establishing a probable relationship between the appropriateness of text selection and the enhancement of students? reading comprehension. It is, therefore, assumed that a text is appropriately selected on the basis of certain criteria would relatively improve the EFL students? reading comprehension. To reach such an aim, a questionnaire of 33 statements has been designed and administered to a number of secondary school teachers, who teach reading comprehension in schools. The findings, after the analysis of the questionnaire, have confirmed the initial assumption an appropriate selection of a reading passage (may) bring(s) a relative improvement to EFL learners? reading.
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