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Title: Climate change in Barack Obama’s National Security Strategies
Authors: Naoun, Amel
Badi, Rima
Keywords: Climate Change
National Security Strategy
Barack Obama
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Université de Larbi Ben M’hidi-Oum Oum El Bouaghi
Abstract: Climate change presents many dangers to the United States , however, it has been questionable to perceive it as such. Aware of its threats to the country and its citizens Former President Barack Obama considered climate change as a threat to national security. This study is meant to look for hints of regarding climate change as threat to the US security. Review the issue and look at it in the light of National Security Strategies (2010, 2015), Search for the reasons to such consideration, and underline the efforts done by Obama and his administration to confront this challenge at the local and global levels. Relevant data has been collected and processed. Also making use of inductive reasoning and analysis. The study results were that climate change has to be addressed through collective international action without further delays or incompetence as its current and future effects endangers not just the USA, but the whole world.
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