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Title: The USA- russian relations during trump's administration
Other Titles: the ukrainian and the syrian crises
Authors: Bendebeche, Bouthaina
Agoudjil, Ahlam
Boudjelit, Amina
Keywords: Relationship
Ukraine crises
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Université De Larbi Ben M’hidi Oum EL Bouaghi
Abstract: There is no question that the relationship between the United States and Russia is one of the most critical bilateral relationships in the world, with ramifications that extend well beyond the two states themselves, there are many areas where the United States and Russia share interests. The purpose of this thesis is to look at Russia's and the US's behavior and actions throughout the Ukraine and Syrian crises in order to figure out why the conflict turned into a geopolitical power struggle. In this thesis, we examine whether the United States and Russia are truly interested in world peace and whether there are underlying reasons that are driving their intervention in the Syrian and Ukrainian crises and if The picture America paints about Putin is the same picture the Russians see. This study explores the changes that took place between the times of Putin and Trump, as well as how the two presidents' politics were affected by the interference.
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