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Title: The Representation of Algerian black decade and the syrian crisis 2011-2014 in robert fisk writings
Other Titles: a comparative analytic study
Authors: Remane, Kelthoum
Bouri, Hadj
Keywords: Syrian crisis
Robert fisk
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Université De Larbi Ben M’hidi Oum EL Bouaghi
Abstract: This study is a comparative critical analysis of Robert Fisk news reports on Algerian tragedy and "Syrian crisis". It explores the main differences between the use of linguistic items to report the events in the two areas. Classifying those terms under many themes: politics, war, conflict, towns, religion, regime Population Personalities; neighbouring countries, media, international intervention, organization, and ethnic groups by applying Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) and qualitative descriptive methods in the analysis of the sketching Fisk writings. The data analysed in this case study comprise news reports on the two crises collected in two books: Why Algeria's tragedy matters? and Syria SYRIA: Descent Into the Abyss 2011-2014. The results of the analysis show that the nature of wars are distinguished because of many factors. First, the composition of the two peoples on basis of ethnic groups. The Syrian society is more complex than the Algerian one. Second, the nature of the events; In Algeria took a course on internal security, in contrast in Syria, the situation became so complicated that it turned into a war involving several internal conflicts and between superpowers which left the problem of forced displacement and refugees as a result. Third, the reason behind onset of the conflicts. In Algerian events was the cancellation of the elections won by FIS party against the FLN party. In Syria, events outbreak after willing of people to overthrow Assad ruling system. However, the two people suffered from the dictatorship and brutality of the ruling system, the existence of the Islamists fundamentalists and the conflict between seculars and Islamic parties.
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