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Title: Investigating students' attitudes toward the use of digital media to Improve their reading skill
Other Titles: the case of english students in Algerian universities
Authors: Guerioune, Raouia
Benkoussas, Wiam
Mansouri, Keltoum
Keywords: Reading comprehension
Digital reading
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Université De Larbi Ben M’hidi Oum EL Bouaghi
Abstract: Reading is one of the most significant skills that students need to master any language and promote the other language skills. Otherwise, printed texts have always been used as the primary source to learn to read and read to learn. However, the spread of technology has been shown in digital texts and accelerating the flow of digital text requires new comprehension skills and strategies. The current study aims at investigating Algerian English students' attitudes towards using digital reading to practice reading comprehension, and how reading online would help them improve their reading experience. To construct this work, a case study was conducted at Algerian Universities, specifically, at the English departments, where all levels of Algerian EFL students of English were selected as the sample population. The methodological tool used in this study was a questionnaire addressed to the students. A descriptive method has been designed to collect the necessary data by using mixed-methods approaches (qualitative and quantitative) from a distinct population, namely (102) English students (all levels) in the Algerian English departments. The findings of the study revealed that participants had positive attitudes toward digital reading.
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