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Title: Attitudes towards the use of multimedia technology in motivating EFL students
Other Titles: case study third year
Authors: Rouar, Ikram
Haddad, Amina
Keywords: Motivation
EFL Students
Multimedia Technology
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Université De Larbi Ben M’hidi Oum EL Bouaghi
Abstract: In and out of the classroom, the use of technology has become an integral aspect of the teaching learning process. It is widely held that motivation and engagement are critical aspects in learning, particularly language learning. In specific, increased motivation can lead to the embattling of learners personal, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral sources, and hence to improved learning outcomes, with the advancement of digital technology and it's tools and applications can now be used both inside and outside the classroom, and in both formal and casual contexts to boost learner motivation, also language learning has benefited from the usage of technology. As one of the contexts for knowledge generation and skill performance, university appears to be an intriguing location where professors and learners alike appear to be engaged in a variety of activities where digital technology serve as a significant teaching and learning assistance. From this vantage point, one would argue that the use of multimedia technology in the teaching and learning process has become a must because students appear to be extremely motivated and engaged . Teachers should consider new and well effective approaches to improve foreign-language teaching or learning environment using multimedia technology students are predicted to be motivated in a technology-based class. To construct this work that aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of multimedia technologies in inspiring and motivating EFL students, a case study was conducted at the level of the department of English at the University of Oum El Bouaghi. Two research questionnaire are used as a tool in this study, one addressed to the third year of students, and the second one conducted to the teacher of foreign language to discover their opinion and attitudes on the efficacy of various multimedia tools in encouraging EFL learners. The information gathered is examined qualitatively and quantitatively. The study's practical result is an analysis of the data collected and the discussion of the main findings about the real affect of technology on learners motivation and formulates perspective and conclusions as a recommendations for a successful deployment of multimedia technology as a motivating tool/factor in order to provide an inspiring environment for both teachers and students.
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