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Title: Positive weak solution to nonlocal problems with singular nonlinearity
Other Titles: existence and uniqueness
Authors: Hamouda, Aimen
Gouasmia, Abdelhamid
Keywords: Fractional p-laplacian
Variational method
Singular nonlinearity
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Université de Larbi Ben M’hidi-Oum El Bouaghi
Abstract: The main objective of this thesis is detail of qualitative properties in the paper [6] More precisely, we prove the existence and the uniqueness of the weak solution nonlocal quasilinear singular problem. In this paper, the authors proved the existence of weak solution by approximation method and Sobolev regularity estimates. On the other hand, we give a recent study in [1], where the authors study further the above nonlinear fractional singular problem in case the presence of singular weight.
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