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dc.contributor.authorKhadich, Billel-
dc.contributor.authorTenachi, Abd-ed-Daim-
dc.description.abstractIn the field of "Technology Enhanced Learning", it is agreed that one of the fundamental criteria for assessing learning tools is their ability to adapt their functionalities and their products to the learning situation, in particular to its main actor, the learner. This project consists of a complete overhaul of an embryonic version of an existing learning system (SAADA V1.0). By reusing its data model and improving it, the major evolutionary version achieved as part of this work has two main contributions: o A serious technological base producing a true modern and scalable application o Analysis, specification and implementation of the module which is at the heart of the adaptive capacities of any education systemar
dc.publisherUnivérsité Oum El Bouaghiar
dc.subjectTechnology enhanced learningar
dc.subjectOnline learningar
dc.subjectAdaptive education systemar
dc.titleA Major technological upgradeable version overhaul of anar
dc.title.alternativeadaptive online learning system, SAADA 1ar
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