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Title: Gender relationships in anthony trollope’s novel can you forgive her?
Authors: Bouchia, Imane
Hafsa, Naima
Keywords: Patriarchy
Gender role
Victorian era
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Univérsité Oum El Bouaghi
Abstract: Today, gender roles return to the scene in different domains such as arts, media, music, movies, and literature. It has become a new trend in modern literature. In fact, women across the world and especially Victorian ones suffered a lot from patriarchy; they crossed a long path of feminist marches and struggled in order to transmit their voices to the entire world. In this way, different authors start to challenge the patriarchal representation of women and give a new radical representation for them. Anthony Trollope is one among those authors who change a new representation of women in his works. This dissertation is intended to examine how Anthony Trollope has represented gender roles in his novel Can You Forgive Her. In addition, it also analyses how Victorian society restricted women's lives and decisions. The analysis is focused on the two female characters Anne Vavasor and Lady Glencora McCluskie. In order to find answers to the research questions, the Feminist and Psychoanalysis theories are used. The result of this study shows that Victorian women could not be vital and prosper until they separated themselves from such patriarchal society and created their own personalities based on their own decisions.
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