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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20167/7 (seven/seven) London bombings and the rise of islamophobia in EnglandHamel, Nasrine; Dalichaouech, Abderrahmane
2017A Biografical Reading of F.Scott fitzgerald's the great gatsbyAbidet, Miyyada; Aaid, Salah-Eddine
2019A comparative corpus based analysis of hedges and boosters in discussion sections of experimental and non experimental master thesesBelouettar, Hanene; Mesbahi, Amena; Azeroual, Djihed
2020A Comparative study between the effects of intrapersonal and linguistic intelligences on the narrative paragraphSigha, Kahina; Bechoua, Soraya
2016A Comparative study of male/female teacher's code switching in EFL classroomsMameri, Hadda; Chaira, Farid
2016A Comparative study of the effects of authentic video audio materials on vocabulary acquisitionRahmani, Mounia; Chaira, Farid
2015A Comparative study of the impact and implicit pronunciation teaching on the acquisition of word stressMenaa, Fahima; Chaira, Farid
2020A Contrastive genre analysis of applied linguistics MA dissertations’ discussion sectionsHaouam, Amina; Ayadi, Karim
2019A Contrastive genre analysis of EFL articles’ abstracts in national and international journalsBenrouag, Ahlem; Chaibainou, Maria; Senoussi, Nadjet
2017A Contrastive genre analysis of EFL graduate student’s ma theses abstract sectionsMalawi, Zeyneb; Chaira, Farid
2017A Corpus based analysis of the use of reporting verbs in master dissertationsBerhail, Sarra; Chaira, Farid
2019A corpus based comparative study of the use of interactional metadiscourse markers in master theses general conclusionskaies, soumia; Benzitouni, Amina Ouafa
2019A corpus based study of the use of adverbs in EFL learners’ writings investigating problems and suggesting SolutionsHacini, Hania; Loucif, Salima; Benyahia, Amel
2018A Corpus based study on the use of linking adverbials in master dissertationsKhettabi, Nedjma; Bouri, Hadj
2020A corpus- based analysis of grammatical cohesive devices in master thesis abstractsAdjab, Imane; Senoussi, Nadjet
2020A Corpus-based analysis of stance marking in research articlesMessabhia, Imane; Merrouche, Sarah
2017A Critical characterisation of Queen Victoria in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s adventures in wonderland 1865 and through thelooking glass 1871Saoudi, Lilya; Hafsa, Naima
2019A descriptive study about the use of phrasal verbs in EFL students’ narrative writingsBoukhalfa, Nadjmeddine; Merrouche, Sarah
2020A Descriptive study about the use of phrasal verbs in EFL students’ narrative writingsBoukhalfa, Nadjmeddine; Merrouche, Sarah
2015A Descriptive study of the major problems that hinder EFL student's reading comprehensionBoulfelfel, Mounia; Guerfi, Soraya