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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Developing EFL learner's reading comprehension strategies through teaching (some) critical thinking skillsBoudra, Sara; Taibi, Abdesslam
2016Enhancement of the EFL student's reading comprehension through the the use of their multiple intelligencesBenali, Rania Sarra; Taibi, Abdesslam
2014Enhancement of vocabulary through extensive readingMezrag, Djamal; Taibi, Abdesslam
2016Impact of mnemonic keyword method on EFL pupils' long- term retention of new vocabulary itemsChekhab, Wassila; Taibi, Abdesslam
2015Improving EFL students' pronunciation through the use of classroom dramaGhouti, Fouzia; Taibi, Abdesslam
2020Investigating students’ attitudes about the role of the storytelling in improving EFL learners’ use of some aspects of connected speechAouaoucha, Fatine; Taibi, Abdesslam
2016Investigating teacher's and student's attitudes towards the importance of sound transcription for the enhancement of EFL learner's oral performancesRami, Haifa; Taibi, Abdesslam
2015Investigating teachers' and students' perceptions about the effectiveness of substitute vacataire teachers at universityKabour, Sabrina; Taibi, Abdesslam
2015Investigating teachers'attitudes toward the effectiveness of teaching literacy and phonics in developing EFL middle school students'readingMerabet, Halima; Taibi, Abdesslam
2016Investigating the use of the role of the mother tongue L1(First Languge) in the learning of EFL vocabularyDaoudi, Besma; Taibi, Abdesslam
2014Objectivity vs subjectivity in testing EFL students' speaking skillsMedjoudj, Souheila; Taibi, Abdesslam
2018The Effect of movies on foreign language learners’ assimilation of connected speech aspectsZerrougui, Habiba; Taibi, Abdesslam
2014The Impact of teachers' praising on students' written and oral tasksAnnab, Messaouda; Taibi, Abdesslam