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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Contrastive genre analysis of EFL articles’ abstracts in national and international journalsBenrouag, Ahlem; Chaibainou, Maria; Senoussi, Nadjet
2020A corpus- based analysis of grammatical cohesive devices in master thesis abstractsAdjab, Imane; Senoussi, Nadjet
2022Analyzing syntactic complexity a comparative study between didactic and civilization master’s abstractsKhelfi, Linda; Bouderballa, Rima; Senoussi, Nadjet
2016Investigating EFL teacher's and students attitudes towards the effectivenesess of note taking lecture rentationAyadi, Nabila; Senoussi, Nadjet
2015Investigating EFL teachers' and Learners' perspectives towards the use of dictation as a useful technique to Enhance Students' knowledge of vocabularyNasri, Fatima; Senoussi, Nadjet
2020Investigating students' and teachers' attitude towards using classrooum rewards in enhancing students' behavioural engagement in ELF classesGhennam, Rayane; Senoussi, Nadjet
2015Investigating teachers' and students attitudes towards the effectiveness of oral corrective feedback in enhancing students' oral performanceAchour, Yassmine; Senoussi, Nadjet
2020Investigating teachers' and students' attitudes towards the use of euphemism in explaining ELF vocabulary meaningBakha, Soumia; Senoussi, Nadjet
2017Investigating teachers's and students' attitudes towards the effects of test anxiety on students' test performanceBerhail, Asma; Senoussi, Nadjet
2020Investigating the effect of EFL learners’ grit and growth mindset on their academic reading achievementNouara, Khouloud; Senoussi, Nadjet
2022Investigating the effect of EFL learning on the Algerian learners cultural identityMouerri, Dhikra; Guerfa, Ines; Senoussi, Nadjet
2021Request realization by EFL algerian students a cross-cultural and interlanguage pragmatic studySenoussi, Nadjet; Bachouaa, Sorya; Ben zitouni, Amina
2016Secondary school students' attitudes towards the use of reading strategies in developing their reading comprehensionBoughezala Mohamed, Hayet; Senoussi, Nadjet
2015The Effect of explicit instruction on eliminating negative transfer in terms of the linking verbe To BeKaarer, Sara; Senoussi, Nadjet
2017The Impact of EFL vocabulary teaching on enhancing EFL students’ reading comprehensionAllag, Zakarya; Senoussi, Nadjet