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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016American foreign policy toward the arab worldZitouni, Wassila; Maameri, Fatima
2018American foreign policy towards Cuba, 1959-1963Allag, Omar; Maameri, Fatima
2020Brexit in views of doves and hawksLouze, Abdelkrim; Hadjaissa, Nasreddine; Maameri, Fatima
2019British foreign policy towards the Ottoman empireBelhatem, Romaissa; Maameri, Fatima
2013British imperialism in Afghanistan,1839-2001Reddaf, Hassiba; Maameri, Fatima
2016Cultural globalization and its impact on the algerian societyGuerarra, Amel; Maameri, Fatima
2013George W. Bush as a modern cowboyHarizi, Chahrazed; Maameri, Fatima
2013Guantanamo and the policy of Barak Obama 2009-2013Tabet, Khaoula; Maameri, Fatima
2014International organizations and good governance in the Arab worldBeldjoudi, Iymene; Maameri, Fatima
2016Islam in the USA, history, ways of expansion and influuential figuresBechairia, Meryem; Maameri, Fatima
2013Muslim americans and U.S. intervention in Afghanistan 2001Zaoui, Meriem; Maameri, Fatima
2014Muslims' contributions to western civilization Al-Idrissi map of the world in the twelfth century AD.Khensal, Nora; Maameri, Fatima
2017Muslims’ presence in pre-Columbian AmericaZerara, Zina; Maameri, Fatima
2014Origins of the Jewish Lobby in America and its effect on U.S.foreign policyDjebailia, Manel; Maameri, Fatima
2017Post-9/11 American invasion of AfghanistanBechekaoui, Youcef; Maameri, Fatima
2014The American declaration of independence (1776) and the algerian proclamation of independence (1954)Ghourari, Soria; Maameri, Fatima
2016The Depiction of the "rogue states" in Hollywood movies, north Korea and the middle east states in team AmericaLamouri, Amel; Maameri, Fatima
2015The Impact of the american cultural imperialism on the algerian societyMerzougui, Sarra; Maameri, Fatima
2014The Impact of the french revolution on victorian literatureMallek, Chahrazed; Maameri, Fatima
2013The objective of the democratic domino theoryDehamna, Sara; Maameri, Fatima