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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An Investigation of teachers’ and learners ‘attitudes towards the role of effective implementation of cooperative learning to reduce students’ anxietyBettiche, Nour El Houda; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2016Attitude towards teachers' humorous personality impact students' anxiety in foreign language classroomSoltani, Bouchra; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2017Boosting foreign language vocabulary learning through animeMammeri, Bouchra; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2018Developing EFL learners’ vocabulary learning and Retention through using english songs with lyricsChouba, Wafa; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2017Gender bias in hidden curricula an investigation of the content of algerian english textbooks from a gender equity perspectiveKessar, Sara; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2019Investigating EFL students’ First language impact on their use of English lexical collocations in writingSabegh, Baha Eddine; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2016Investigating teachers' and students' attitude towards the use of social networks improving target language vocabularyBenaziza, Leila; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2020Investigating teachers’ and students’ perceptions towards implementing color-coded feedback to enhance EFL learners’ writing accuracyOuksel, Mounira; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2016Investigating the effectiveness of online games in vocabulary learningDerbouche, Assia; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2019Investigating the effectiveness of the intensive use of audio-scripts in iImproving visually impaired students vocabularyHarrath, Fatiha; Guerrah, Iman; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2018Investigating the effects of audiovisual rhyming strategy on pupills' vocabulary retentationBadis, Manel Meriem; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2016Teacher's and student's perceptions about the effectiveness of rol plys in promoting classroom participationLatreche, Wahiba; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2016Teachers' and students' attitudes towards the effectiveness of mind-mapping teaching in enhancing organization in writingOunis, Asma; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2016The Effect of think pair share strategy on enhancing students' coherence in writing paragraphsBoumaraf, Zina; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2017The Effectiveness of graphic organizer as pre- writing technique in enhancing students' awereness of the argumentative essay patterns of organizationHamiche, Sara Imane; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2017The Effectiveness of text based teaching of collocation on promoting students precision in writingHmaizia, Marwa; Hamadouche, Mokhtar
2019The Implementation of socio-affective language learning strategies and emotional intelligence training to reduce EFL students’ speaking anxietyChekaoui, Rahma; Remache, Rayane; Hamadouche, Mokhtar