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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An Analysis physicians' english language needsKebaili, Djemaa; Hadjeris, Fadhila
2019Exploring the status of civic education in the algerian context a textbook evaluation “My Book Of English”Abed Laziz, Hanen; Guellati, Nesrine; Hadjeris, Fadhila
2015Investigating learn's reading comprehension a comperative study:teacher's reading aloud vs reading silentlyOuchene, Hasna; Hadjeris, Fadhila
2015Investigating teacher's and pupils attitudes towards improving vocabulary through collaborative learningMeguettaa, Nesma; Hadjeris, Fadhila
2016Investigating the effectiveness of cooperative learning in enriching student's technical vocabulary during translation activitiesZinai, Wafa; Hadjeris, Fadhila
2016Investigating the effectiveness of using games in teaching pronounsKhelifi, Ibtissam; Hadjeris, Fadhila
2017Rethinking EFL teachers’ and students’ perceptions toward the testing processLaiche, Soumia; Hadjeris, Fadhila
2016Teacher's and learner's attitudes towards the role of short stories in enriching vocabulary knowledge of EFLlearner'sGouami, Ilham; Hadjeris, Fadhila
2017The effect of the explicit instruction of refusal strategies in fostering EFL learners’ pragmatic competenceDjouani, Saida; Hadjeris, Fadhila
2019The Effect of think-pair-share teaching strategy on enhancing EFL learners vocabularyAbrane, Lamis; Mebdoua, Khanssa; Hadjeris, Fadhila
2015The Effectiveness of keeping a diary in improving EFL students' vocabulary achievementMerzoug, Bourhan Eddine; Hadjeris, Fadhila
2015The Role of EFL teachers' oral corrective feedback in enhancing students' engagementTadranet, Meriem; Hadjeris, Fadhila