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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Anti amercanism in the arab worldBouakez, Rahima; Filali, Bilel
2016Arab americans in post 9/11 AmericaTaher, Rayen Manal; Filali, Bilel
2017Between tradisionalists and revisionistsMenasria, Mohamed; Filali, Bilel
2015Credit mobiler and whiskey ring reconsidered; their impacts on U.S.politics 1869 -1877Bouzid, Besma; Filali, Bilel
2018Duality in the american foreign policyZouaoui, Chihab; Filali, Bilel
2013Iran's nuclear program U.S. fears and responesChibane, Sara Wahida; Filali, Bilel
2014Islamic contributions to development of the western sciences technologies, and thoughtsMerad, Fatima Zohra; Filali, Bilel
2014Islamophobia in the united states and anti-americanism in the islamic worldGhorab, Imen; Filali, Bilel
2014Islamophobia manifestation in post 9/11 Britain between public and governmental attitudesAmrane, Hanene; Filali, Bilel
2013Media and the arab springCherirou, Messaouda; Filali, Bilel
2017Movie industry, public opinion and the making of foreign policyDabal, Zitouna; Filali, Bilel
2020Politics and real politickingAllaoua, Lilia; Bouchair, Hind; Filali, Bilel
2019Presidential Impeachment in U.S HistoryBoucherk, Sabrina; Filali, Bilel
2014Reagan's administrationsZellache, Mohamed; Filali, Bilel
2015The Algerian american founding fathers : dimensions of post revolutionary warsAzeb, Amina; Filali, Bilel
2013The American foreign policy 1890-1920 from isolationism to an exceptional imperial statutHariza, Ilyes; Filali, Bilel
2017The American French struggle over the african continentLamraoui, Meriem Sarah; Filali, Bilel
2016The American preventive strike implementationKherraz, Marwa; Filali, Bilel
2015The British muslims and 07/07 (seven/seven) bombings, an analytical studyMetaane, Chams-El-Houda; Filali, Bilel
2015The Clash of civilazations in Bernard Lewis's writings, an analytical studyBouchelaguem, Abdelghani; Filali, Bilel