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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Comparative study of male/female teacher's code switching in EFL classroomsMameri, Hadda; Chaira, Farid
2016A Comparative study of the effects of authentic video audio materials on vocabulary acquisitionRahmani, Mounia; Chaira, Farid
2015A Comparative study of the impact and implicit pronunciation teaching on the acquisition of word stressMenaa, Fahima; Chaira, Farid
2017A Contrastive genre analysis of EFL graduate student’s ma theses abstract sectionsMalawi, Zeyneb; Chaira, Farid
2017A Corpus based analysis of the use of reporting verbs in master dissertationsBerhail, Sarra; Chaira, Farid
2020An Evaluation of construct and statistical conclusion validity in EFL researchGuerda, Ouannassa; Chaira, Farid
2013An investigation of students' and teachers' views about the impact of vocabulary knowledge on reading comprehensionBougouffa, Nour El Houda; Chaira, Farid
2014Assessing the effectiveness of authentic videos on EFL learners oral fluencyDerrouche, Sabah; Chaira, Farid
2016Beginnings across cultures a contrastive genre analysis of english native and Nonnative speakers’ MA theses general introductionsBensalem, Imene; Chaira, Farid
2014Error analysis approach to study the use of collocations in foreign language writingHadjira, Nawal; Chaira, Farid
2018Error analysis of EFL students’ pronunciation of the letter “O”Meziane, Fadila; Chaira, Farid
2017Error analysis of students' pronunciation of the vowel SCHWAMedfouni, Imane; Chaira, Farid
2017Error analysis of subject verb agreement in EFL learners’ writingsOuzzar, Zeyneb; Chaira, Farid
2017Error analysis on the use of the simple past tense and the simple present tense in writing essays among EFL studentsMafaz, Hamza; Chaira, Farid
2018Exploring pictures as a motivational course book supplement in an EFL contextDeziri, Redha; Chaira, Farid
2016Exploring the link between teachers' gender and classroom interactionBoussaha, Fatima; Chaira, Farid
2020Genre analysis in progress a comparative study of master and doctoral dissertations’ abstractsBenabbes, Bouchra; Zakou, Ilyas; Chaira, Farid
2014Improving the writing skill through cooperative learningDali, Kenza; Chaira, Farid
2015Investigating EFL teachers' and students' attitudes towards immediate/deyled corrective feedbachs in oral productionBoulbahri, Khalida; Chaira, Farid
2014Investigating teachers' and students' attitudes towards the use of cooperative language learning to enhance EFL students ' speaking skillBendris, Sarra; Chaira, Farid