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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A Corpus based study on the use of linking adverbials in master dissertationsKhettabi, Nedjma; Bouri, Hadj
2015An Acoustic analysisDebah, Meissa; Bouri, Hadj
2018Analysing tense and rhetorical structures in master thesis’ abstracts; a Corpus- Based StudyKhelifi, Nihel; Bouri, Hadj
2018Corpus-based evaluation of syntactic complexity across writing proficiency levelsZerari, Ouissem; Bouri, Hadj
2016Designing an english ESP (English for Specific Purposes) syllabus for first year matter sciences at Brothers Mentouri university ConstantineMelouki, Moulay Abderrahmane; Bouri, Hadj
2014Gender element in explicit pronunciation classroom : an acoustic study of english vowels /ae/ and /e/Khodja, Khawla; Bouri, Hadj
2014Incorporating social skills into the secondary school textbook " Getting Through"Addad, Samira; Bouri, Hadj
2015Investigating student's attitudes towards dictionary useZaimi, Ouissal; Bouri, Hadj
2016Investigating teachers' and students' attitudes toward the effect of problem based learning on stimulating EFL learners intrinsic motivationMedjmedj, Zohra; Bouri, Hadj
2015Investigating teachers' attitudes towards e-learning in the english departement at Larbi Ben M'Hidi universityKebaili, Hibat-El-Rahmene; Bouri, Hadj
2018Investigating the effects of single sex schooling on students’ academic outcomesChenafi, Djalal; Bouri, Hadj
2014Problems of using a bilingual dictionary in the translation of homonyms form english into arabicBelghoul, Ibtissem; Bouri, Hadj
2015Scurtinizing the role of gender in EFL learners' speaking fluencyIdrissa, Traore; Bouri, Hadj
2017Teaching cohesive devices to enhance students' profeciency in english foreign language writing paragraphHouam, Mostefa; Bouri, Hadj
2017Teahers' and learners' attitudes towards the use of authentic listening materialsMaameri, Hinda; Bouri, Hadj
2014Tests anxiety and students' retrieval capacity performanceAllag, Samira; Bouri, Hadj
2015The Effect of linguistic imperialism on selecting the english text-book "new prospect's" content in algerian secondry schoolsGendouzi, Nihed; Bouri, Hadj
2013The Effect of using jigsaw strategy on students' reading comprehensionAmrane, Khadidja; Bouri, Hadj
2016The Effect of writing diaries on developing EFL students' writing skillsMessaoudi, Kamel; Bouri, Hadj
2013The Effects of intensive connected speech training on the enhancement of listing comprehensionMakri, Hossem; Bouri, Hadj