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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Algerian cultural understanding of the president Obama's speechesBara, Asma; Boudjelit, Amina
2018American foreign policy toward the kurdish question 1972-1975Boukalmouna, Malika; Boudjelit, Amina
2017Between globalization et americanizationBentahar, Mohammed Lamine; Boudjelit, Amina
2020Educational segregation in the USA post civil war an analytical study (1860’s-1920’s)Hafsi, Chafika; Boudjelit, Amina
2022Examining the impact of multiculturalism in englandBenmicia, Hala; Boudjelit, Amina
2016Islam in black America : the revolutionary thoughts of Malcolm X during the civil rights movementFellah, Khadidja; Boudjelit, Amina
2021Islamophobia and muslim women in great BritainGaouas, Soumia; Ben Chabi, Maroua; Boudjelit, Amina
2017John F Kennedy’s attitudes towards Afro-Americans, 1961-1963Chibouni, Fatma Zohra; Boudjelit, Amina
2016Negative exceptionalism in the american higher education systemToureche, Amira; Boudjelit, Amina
2017Radical religion and terrorismMessaoudi, Sarra; Boudjelit, Amina
2018Scientific contributions of the islamic medieval period to the WestZaidi, Khadija; Boudjelit, Amina
2019TerrorismBenali, Somia; Boudjelit, Amina
2018The American aid organizations between aid and politicsBenzouai, Meryem; Boudjelit, Amina
2017The American hegemony and the rise of ChinaBendebbache, Amina; Boudjelit, Amina
2020The American-russian rivalry in the middle east the syrian crisis 2011-2016Zeror, Khaoula; Sigha, Ahlam; Boudjelit, Amina
2015The Election of Barack Obama and its implication to racial history 2008-2012Makhlouf, Samia; Boudjelit, Amina
2022The Impact of neoconservatives on the American syrian relations during george W. bush’s presidency 2001-2009Charaoui, Amal; Naoui, Zeyneb; Boudjelit, Amina
2019The sponsored media in the Middle EastAberkane, Marwa; Boudjelit, Amina
2017The United states ans the democratization process in the middle east during bush administrationBoudjemaa, Chafai; Boudjelit, Amina
2021The US Foreign policy toward the middle east during thearabChanai, Rebaia; Chebbat, Marwa; Boudjelit, Amina